Fernbrae Manor - Kelowna, BC

"I have lived at Fernbrae Manor for 2.5 years. I love my suite; it is comfortable, quiet and secure. I also enjoy the large library and Beauty Salon. The management and staff are of a top caliber and put their hearts into their work." - Helen

"I came to Canada as a “War Bride” just before the end of WW II. Fernbrae Manor is a very special place to reside. Our meals are lovely and are served in an elegant dining room.  Fernbrae has so many choices for entertainment that I never tire for things to do. I love the beautiful grounds full of different variety of colorful flowers. There is fun to be had at Fernbrae Manor and above all kindness and understanding for those that live in our community." - Diana

"I have lived at Fernbrae Manor for more than 4 years. My suite is large and spacious, the meals are creative and colorful. The outdoor-walking grounds are beautifully  sculptured.  For me, there is nothing missing at Fernbrae Manor." - Irene



Garneau Hall - Edmonton, Alberta

"I love the location. There is a whole world out there and I can choose to be a part of it or not. I don’t feel isolated living here." - Beatriz

"I am thankful that Garneau Hall was there and had a vacancy for me when I needed it the most. The staff and servers are friendly and very helpful. The location is convenient." - Adolf

Garneau Hall is a senior’s home which welcomed me and provides the assistance I need at this time in my life. Today I receive help maintaining the standards I need. Thanks Garneau Hall and staff. - Marjorie

I have been at Garneau Hall since last November. It took me awhile to get used to my new surroundings. With the help of the staff I soon began to feel more comfortable. Since then I have met a few ladies and gentlemen that I have pleasant conversations with. - Margot



Lakeside Gardens - Nanaimo, BC

"Anyone who’s coming to a Retirement Home looks for efficiency, cleanliness, good food and comfortable accommodations. But if you want all of this along with warmth, friendliness, caring attention, love, laughter and ‘joie de vivre’ you’ll come to Lakeside Gardens!" - James & Jean

 "When the time comes to choose a new way of life, let Lakeside Gardens offer you a warm, friendly and welcoming solution!" - Jane

"As a resident of Lakeside Gardens I find it to be very well designed to assist us older folks. It is well situated overlooking Long Lake with many of the suites having good views of the lake. Staff here are caring and helpful, providing us with helpful extras." - E. Williamson

"Here we are in our fourth year at Lakeside Gardens, living in four star luxury, both the wife and I agree that we have never had it so good and with our little dog it is the perfect place. Our only complaint…………. There is nothing to complain about!" - John & Gwen

"I have lived at Lakeside Gardens since 2004 and enjoyed every minute. It is a beautiful spot on Long Lake and one can look out of the dining room and enjoy a fantastic array of flowers. The staff are always quick in being helpful and will help you book your appointments and arrange the Lakeside bus to take you and bring you back home. The food is very good and well thought out for healthy living and there is a handyman that will fix things for you." - Lorna

"I enjoy living at Lakeside Gardens, the staff are very friendly which makes a relaxed atmosphere. We have good food and a lovely view of the surrounding area and lake." - Connie



Orchard Park Assisted Living - Bellingham, WA

“We met your administrator, head nurse and other staff at Orchard Park. To say the least, we were favorably impressed and, as a result, we became convinced that Orchard Park should be our first choice!” - Sylvia

“Here’s the beauty of Orchard Park: Mom is surrounded by so many friends, not just resident friends but the staff too: the care staff, the housekeepers, the activity director, the handyman, the front desk staff and the director. Mom knows they are always there for her and that is a wonderful reassurance for me as well.” Georgia, Daughter of Resident

“Orchard Park gives me a feeling of family. It’s a homey atmosphere.” Vivian

“I’ve made a lot of new friends.” Arla

“The kitchen staff is very, very good about my diabetic diet and my religious dietary preferences.” Mary McF.

“If I had to make a complaint right now, I don’t know what it would be. I’m very happy here.” Anna

“I think that everybody is very friendly and helpful and I love the food here.” Muriel

“I like the meals here, they are very balanced.” Mary M.

“I love the staff at Orchard Park, they are all my friends. The past nine years here have been very rewarding.” Jack



Pacific Carlton - White Rock, BC

"My husband and I moved into the Pacific Carlton 15 months ago and have enjoyed every minute of being here. We have made friends with many people that have been living here for many years. We enjoy many of the activates, I particularly enjoy yoga and balance exercise and in the fall we have the White Rock Symphony which is very much enjoyed by everyone and of course the food in excellent." - Nan & Ed

"Pacific Carlton has been my home for seven years and I hope I can stay for a few more. Management and staff are dedicated to our well-being and we are well provided far as all aspects of our daily lives. There is a variety of activities and entertainment available. We have close proximity to shopping, restaurant, clinics etc. People here are friendly which gives Pacific Carlton a safe, comfortable atmosphere. It is a good place to call 'home'." - Dorothy

"Welcome to the Pacific Carlton community and enjoy the wonderfully spacious suites which have in-suite washer and dryer, fire place, full kitchens and much more. We have exceptional caring and helpful staff. Particularly enjoy things such as music concerts, pubs, special evening dancing, visiting and enjoying each other company, bridge and cribbage. We also have bus trips every Wednesday. Best of all there are exercises three times a week: chair yoga, Tai Chi and Balance Classes, as well as an exercise room downs stairs for us to use." - Beryl

"I chose to move to the Pacific Carlton because the suites are large, bright and comfortable. Our chef prepared dinners are delicious and taste served in our dining room. Lunch and coffee breaks are cozy in our large bright atrium - a time to socialize. I like the convenience of a washer and dryer in each suite. It is a 1 block walk to the newly renovated Semiahmoo Mall or transportation is provided twice a week for groceries, shopping, doctor's appointments locally. There are weekly sightseeing trips planned using the Pacific Carlton van. There is ample parking for our vehicles and scooters included in our rent. I enjoy the many activities and entertainment provided such as yoga, balance, Tai Chi, concerts, BBQ's, monthly birthday parties, pub nights etc." - Lorna

"Living at Pacific Carlton I know no one does it better and I know that it doesn’t get any better. Pacific Carlton is a good location, has roomy suites, comfortable living, great staff." - Marjorie



Sunny Side Manor - White Rock, BC

"I have lived here for five and a half years and I like the staff and I like the activities." - Sheila

"I like the atmosphere and the friendliness." - Flo

"Oh, I like the entertainment and the bus trips. It's all really nice and there is never a dull moment here." - Hazel

"It's a great place to live and there are so many activities in which to take part in." - Ruth

"I enjoy our impromptu musical sing-a-longs after brunch. I also enjoy the socializing and the good entertainment at Happy Hour." - Hal

“Sunnyside Manor provides me with a lovely suite, all my meals and they clean my room every week and do my washing. I’ll be staying at Sunnyside for good – it is my best home ever!” - Nina