About Seniors Living

“What are the options for seniors housing?”

This is one of the most common questions we hear at Unicare.  Families and seniors may suddenly need help and not know where to turn. Here are some basic facts to help make these important decisions.

Three basic types of seniors living

  • Independent living is designed for healthy seniors who are able to manage safely and comfortably on their own.  A seniors residence that provides independent living suites will often provide meals, light housekeeping and an array of activities.
  • Assisted living provides assistance with the activities of daily living.  This is the choice for seniors who are able to manage some tasks on their own, but might require some assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming or medication reminders
  • Long-term care provides around the clock professional nursing care for people with chronic illness.

Appropriate residential choices improves well-being

Unicare staff often hear from families that a parent has become more vibrant and engaged with life since moving into one of our seniors communities.  Regular meals, more social interaction and 24-hour security can profoundly increase an elder's safety and sense of well-being. Come see for yourself by scheduling a tour of a Unicare seniors community.

Need support with your decision making?

Families may experience confusion and worry when they face decisions about seniors retirement living.  Unicare staff is available to help you make the right choice because we understand what you’re facing — after all, we’re family members too. Whether you choose one of our residences or not, we’re here to help. Contact us today.